Anchor Me The Stark Trilogy Pdf

Anchor Me The Stark Trilogy Pdf

Anchor Me The Stark Trilogy Pdf

About the book:

Anchor Me The Stark Trilogy Book

Author: J. Kenner

Series: The Stark Series #4 (Book 4)

Publisher: Martini & Olive

Publish date: (April 11, 2017)

ISBN-10: 1940673380

ISBN-13: 978-1940673387

Pages: 314 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Billionaire Romance, Contemporary Romance


I can’t state it enough…Julie Kenner is magnificent and composes generally excellent sentiment books. I discovered her by an amazon email for a suggestion in the wake of perusing other sentiment arrangement of books. I am not disillusioned by any stretch of the imagination.

There were two things that I thought were befuddling.

One, is the request where to understand them. There’s the Nikki/Damian, Jamie/Ryan, Sylvia/Jackson, and others books, and so on, yet how would you comprehend what request to peruse them in. I previously went to J Kenner’s site and took screen shots of every last bit of her sentiment arrangement books. I read all of Nikki/Damian. In the wake of perusing every one of them, I went to Jamie/Ryan and came to understand that those two books were assume to go all together with Nikki/Damian. This could be bogus, yet in the beginning of one of Nikki/Damian books, it discusses Jamie/Ryan’s wedding. So I was befuddled when I previously read that entire arrangement. So in the wake of beginning the Nikki/Damian Series over once more, I took the numbers from Nikki/Damian and Jamie/Ryan and put them in numerical request. I am in that. I took a delay in part of the way through the arrangement to check whether the Sylvia/Jackson needed to some degree be interlaced like Jamie/Ryan. When perusing one book of Nikki/Damian arrangement, it begins discussing Sylvia and Jackson and notices that Jackson is Damian’s stepbrother and I was befuddled on the grounds that I easily forget perusing anything abaout Jackson other than the way that he turned down Damian when they were away at a hotel for the end of the week when they were at the smorgasbord. I think where I was befuddled when was the one book was discussing Valentine’s Day and the scrounger chase that Damian accomplished for Nikkie. At that point, there minimal sentimental get a path for the sentimental occasion, running into Jackson and afterward the following book is Christmas time and Sylvia and Jackson are going through Christmas with them in the mountain house.

Since I am actually befuddled, I went to J Kenner’s site and found a possibility for “get in touch with us”. I sent them an email on March fourteenth and today is March 24th and I haven’t heard back. They mentioned that they get a ton of approaching messages so to please make a special effort to be quiet, however I didn’t figure it would take this long to get a reaction.

I know this sounds insane, yet I am OCD and was attempting to make sense of every one of these books without anyone else’s input. With the screen shots that I took, I truly utilized an application that would permit me to compose the date the entirety of the books turned out on the image. It took everlastingly, however it appeared to support a bit. Therefore, I discovered that the two books of Jamie/Ryan do go all together with the Nikki/Damian arrangement. In the event that you take a gander at the quantities of each book, you can see they go all together. The dates likewise coordinate, however you wouldn’t realize that on the off chance that you didn’t make another image with the dates they were discharged.

The second part that I am befuddled on, is the reason there are such a large number of books in the Nikki/Damian arrangement. I comprehend that the fundamental books, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are the primary books, which has more in the book, however for what reason wouldn’t she be able to take the odd number between the principle books and consolidate into greater books. I think the primary books were $7.99 or $9.99, yet the littler ones were $2.99. I feel like that was a sham on the grounds that there 11 books in the Nikki/Damian arrangement that are littler books.

I surmise on the off chance that I hear once again from the organization that they would better assistance me to see, yet that is everything I can seek after.

I love the route the entirety of the arrangement are composed. Nikki/Damian, Jamie/Ryan and Sylvia/Jackson. Most sentiment arrangement are comparative, yet have a smidgen of contrast. I feel like J Kenner’s arrangement have such a lot of sex. I can’t envision that, all things considered. I love the way that there is somebody continually following them and afterward the papparazzi are constantly after them. As loathsome as that would be, all things considered, these books keep you intrigued and makes you energized for the following book.

On the off chance that I do wind up hearing back from J Kenner, I will alter my survey.

Anchor Me The Stark Trilogy Pdf

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