Better than Perfect Pdf

Better than Perfect Pdf

Better than Perfect Pdf

Better than Perfect Pdf

About the book:

Better than Perfect Book

Author: Lynn Hagen

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Publish date: (September 10, 2018)


Pages: 61 eBook pages can be different

Language: English

Genres: Erotic literature


After finding his boyfriend in bed with another man, Leslie is talked into revenge sex. Only, his plans don’t work out quite the way he expects. Not only does he run his date off by crying over Ian, but his date and his ex show up at Leslie’s job at the same time. Talk about having a bad day. But a possessing demon, a feral panther, and a wolf shifter who claims Leslie is his mate all add up to Leslie thinking he’s losing his mind.

Brady might live in a small town, but he hopes never to run into Leslie again. The guy just broke up with his boyfriend and was now crying over it. But fate draws them back together, and after a night of fun, Brady realizes Leslie is his mate. Unfortunately, after getting Leslie pregnant, the male kicks him out and never wants to see Brady again. That’s too bad because Brady has a demon after him, and he’s determined to keep Leslie and his unborn child safe.

Better than Perfect Pdf

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