Fantastic Mr. Fox Book Pdf Download

Fantastic Mr. Fox Book Pdf Download

Fantastic Mr. Fox Book Pdf Download

Fantastic Mr. Fox Book Pdf Download

   About the book:

    Fantastic Mr. Fox

Author:                        Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake

Publish Date:               1970

Publisher:                    Allen & Unwin

ISBN-10:                      0141301139

ISBN-13:                      9780141301136



Fantastic Mr. Fox is a child novel written by the British writer Roald Dahl. This novel is firstly published by  George Allen & Unwin in United Kingdom at 1970 and then it was published in US by  Alfred A. Knopf. This novel is very popular among the people and people love this novel that is why  Wes Anderson make a film on it in 2009.

The story of the Fantastic Mr. Fox revolves around Mr. Fox which is a fox and live under a tree with his whole family. To feed his family in the nights he goes to the farms of three wicked and dimwitted farmers and he steals the livestock and food which is available on the farms. There are three farmers and their names was Boggis, Bunce, and Bean.

All the farmers made a plan and try to kill Mr. Fox and shoot at him but they only manage to cut his tail from his body so in order to actually kill the Mr. Fox they dig up his house with tractors and push water into the ground and also place a bomb in the ground but somehow the Mr. Fox and his family manage to save from these things.

After that the farmers take his occasional nephew with them and Mr. Fox come up with a great plan to rescue his nephew and beat the three farmers. To know what happens next and how Mr. Fox save his  nephew from the farmers you have to download and read the full novel. So hurry up and download Fantastic Mr. Fox in pdf and after that give us your reviews about this novel in comments.

Download Fantastic Mr. Fox Book Pdf

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