Love Rosie Pdf

Love Rosie Pdf

Love Rosie Pdf

Love Rosie Pdf

About the Book:

Love Rosie Book

Author:                        Cecelia Ahern

Publisher:                    Hyperion; Reprint edition

Publish date:               February 1, 2005

ASIN:                             B000FCJZUO

ISBN-10:                      0007206755

ISBN-13:                      9780007206759

Pages:                          512 (eBook can have different pages)

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Fiction, Contemporary fiction, Novel


Love Rosie, What can I say this book immediately hooked me and I enjoyed how it is told through letters, e-mails and chats. I couldn’t understand how a lifespan and story could be told through those contemporary ways of communication and still get the message across perfectly. Ahern is brilliant at creating this story and I would hope it would keep going. The book has you eagerly waiting for Rosie and Alex to discover their love and there is no better way to describe it. The journey goes from shattered dreams to success with serious problems as well as amusement and happiness. And as we all envision and dream after every storm or problem there is always the rainbow, so Rosie’s strength, confidence and hope takes here to achieve everything she ever dreamed of. Rosie’s life adventure has you on the verge of your seat, and at some parts concerning to her is so easy, and helpful. The book is divided into 5 sections, and time passes so fast which makes you realize that, this is also the way we live our lives. We have to understand to stop and think once in a while, because then we’re never going to know what happened all those years.

Seeing how Rosie and Alex’s lives reveal over a long period of time is very fascinating because we see how they fall, make mistakes, accomplish things, and their happy and sad instants. Sometimes you get annoyed when seeing their reactions and want to throw the book to the trash but in the end it’s worth it. I loved how there is no need for a storyteller until the end and Cecilia succeeds to control every situation. The summing of the entire story in the last few pages makes you imitate even on your own personal life, and I think it gives us a very influential message. In the end you discover all the knots from the plot and it’s just wonderful. Another remarkable thing I loved from the tale is the way in which people come in and goes out of your life and you never know under what circumstances you’ll be with them again. This is referring to the part where Rosie dislikes her teacher and ends up working for her. I think this makes us realize that we have to act our best at all times, and that the people you dislike might be the people helping you up someday. I am dying to read another book from this writer as she has succeeded for the 2nd time in making me enjoy reading. I had previously read PS I Love You and consider her a very decent author and I can relate a lot with her love for romantic tales and chick flicks.

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