Madeline Hatter’s Story Pdf

Madeline Hatter’s Story Pdf

Madeline Hatter's Story Pdf

Madeline Hatter’s Story Pdf

About the Book:

Madeline Hatter’s Story Book

Author:                        Shannon Hale

Publisher:                    Little, Brown and Company

Publish date:               September 03, 2013

ISBN-10:                       9780349001975

ASIN:                            B00EVBVW1A

Pages:                          13 (eBook can have different pages)

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Fashion doll, web series, book series


The Mad Hatter and his daughter Madeline have relocated from Wonderland, so she can join high school. It has taken Madeline a great deal of adjusting to familiarize to such a place where rabbits don’t wear bow ties. She is my favorite character because she brings a very sole perception to things as well as being a misfit currently.

I love that Hale has released a series of stories to introduce the characters in her new book. I think this is a decent way to create thrill for the series and start putting some of the background in place. I just don’t know if I’m totally vended on this character. I realize that I’ll have to wait until she’s engaged in the context of the larger story to really see how she works, but my gut isn’t responding positively yet.

I’m also anxious because everything in this story looked so superficial. And since I’m familiar to depth from Hale, this tosses me off kilter.

The children were arrogant and the people no matter the age were mentally spoiled. I mean who has ever agonized in life would hope their offspring would willing to suffer the same fate just to be happily ever after? So mistaken in so many accounts.

And the modern touch was stimulating but the way the author made parodies while also giving the story a “fairytale valley girl” touch just made want to wince. This isn’t the way fairytales are supposed to go and don’t even mention the shoe obsession that every character seems to go through.

The story had a bit more support than other ones that are being used to introduce the book but just being from an almost different genre it is hard to understand how Maddie is going to fit in particularly since her friends are the broods of Pinocchio and the Evil Queen, which doesn’t appear to combine its own right. Moreover as if that isn’t puzzling enough you have the fact that a Shakespeare character is also going to be thrown in (what is with contemporary fairytale writers trying to syndicate non-fairytale elements with fairytales?).

I enjoyed the fact that she isn’t at all concerned by the silliness of her dad and world but then again what can you expect from the Mad Hatter and Wonderland? Plus if she raised up with that then she wouldn’t get it as being trivial as long as she was loved.

I don’t know if I like the element that she is going to be the assertive in trying to certify that everyone will have friends. Once more all it comes to boil down that can this character truly work for this series?

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