Start With No Pdf

Start With No Pdf

Start With No Pdf

About the book:

Start With No book

Author:                        Jim Camp

Publisher:                   Crown Business; 1 edition

Publish date:               July 9, 2002

ISBN-10:                      0609608002

ISBN-13:                     9780609608005

Pages:                          288 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                       secret of corporate America


It’s likely impossible to accurately review a book on negotiation until you’ve had time to examine the book’s ideas. Having just read it, it’s hard to say whether the techniques will be efficacious.That stated, the record is a collection of negotiating tactics behavior, actually. Some sound very useful, e.g., “Blank slate” your head, meaning take your focus off of the desired issue and concentrate on the procedure itself.Which dovetails with some other point about never allowing yourself be pushed by a sense of privation.The book’s quality is tricky. You won’t find the dispassionate, thoughtful voice in books or Bargaining for Advantage. Camp’s unwitting mentor seems to be Herb Cohen’s books on talking terms, and he borrows Cohen’s slick conversational style. One problem with Camp’s approach is that it is his retort to “win-win” negotiating, a style Camp claims is harmful, and for which he blames Getting to Yes for introducing. And whereas yes advocates preserving the relationship with the other side if possible, Camp asserts that you cannot worry about this and must not let it be a fear.Equally for the title, Start with No, it never appears to be completely clear what it means, other than a catchy slogan that seeks to position the book as an answer to Getting to Yes. Camp utilizes the book as a less-than-subtle ad for his training seminars and programs, and hints that while the book is useful, it might not impart real negotiating chops in itself–without further statement from the professional.I came away from the book with the impression that it contains less useful information than I had hoped, though it does succeed in imparting the view that the person on the other side of the board is not a colleague or “negotiating partner” but your adversary, who must not be believed.Whether this opinion is useful depends, I think, on the players, the circumstances, and so on Start with No is an interesting addition to your negotiation library. Everyone can gain from this book, even though it targets business people other book, “No: The Only Negotiation System You Need for Work and Home”, has a broader focus. Jim’s system is introduced Start With No, and when operated by someone who has mastered it, any and all problems that arise in negotiations become solvable. The book doesn’t earn you a professional, only the fresh reader will ensure it is a stark intro to a subject that impacts us all.Anyone who is worried they are leaving money on the board, or any human resource, for that subject, should read this book.If keep running up against objections to your well intentioned plans, this volume is for you.

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