The Dark Tower: Wolves of the Calla Pdf

Wolves of the Calla Pdf

Wolves of the Calla Pdf

Wolves of the Calla Pdf

About the Book:

Wolves of the Calla Book

Author:                        Stephen King

Publisher:                    Signet

Publish date:               January 24, 2006

ISBN-10:                      141651693X

ISBN-13:                      9781416516934

Pages:                          960 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Western


The Dark Tower series has a long and complex publishing history. The 1st episode, The Gunslinger, was published in 1982 but written in 1970, 3-years before Carrie launched Stephen King’s preposterously successful career as a horror novelist. This year, more than 30 years on, Stephen King has stated that the epic is complete, although the last 2 volumes won’t appear until 2004. He’s also published a new version of The Gunslinger, retro-fitted to bring that slim and voracious book into agreement with the rest of the magnum opus (which has definitely grown in the telling).

In the latest, Wolves of the Calla, Roland and his 3 companions come to the relief of a Wild West village which is besieged by the “Wolves” – possibly soldiers or androids – who descend on the village once a generation, steal half the teen-agers, condemned to gigantism, stupidity and painful death. Roland’s fated 3, taken from different “whens” of modern New York, are by now magically proven gunslingers themselves. They muster the villagers in self-defense, struggle with a twofaced ancient android, and try to reveal the truth about these dark “Wolves”, in an advanced-western story that doesn’t pack the punch of The Seven Samurai (clearly referenced, along with The Magnificent Seven ), but provides the usual twists and excitements.

The Dark Tower’s accumulation of reference, praises, samples and scrapes from other incredible popular fantasies (notably Narnia, The Lord of the Rings and spaghetti westerns; but Harry Potter’s in there too now), has only been matched by the addition of random coincidences, until the vital characters in Wolves inhabit a suspicious, delusional world, where fortune is written in every street sign: and they are getting distressed. They have reason to be worried. As if it wasn’t already clear enough, Stephen King has confirmed, in a recent interview that the discouragement of the fictional world in the Dark Tower series is thoughtful, and he’s soon going to turn up as a character himself.

The monsters that destroy normalcy in our world are normal here. The horrors are the qualms that plague a driven man; and the death-dealing fetters with which he defends his trembling, father-haunted soul. But where is it all heading? Robert Browning’s Child Roland describes, through a resentful revision of the chivalric pursuit, the poet’s struggle towards performance, and rebukes the pessimism of the Victorian artist in flight from modernity. I don’t know what the concluding message of the Tower and the Rose will be (something of justly sexual significance, at a wild guess). But I suspect that when this Roland reaches his goal, and sets the Slughorn to his lips, the young Stephen King will be there, finding the determination to act, to write.

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