The Green Mile pdf

The Green Mile pdf

The Green Mile pdf

The Green Mile pdf

About the book:

The Green Mile book

Author:                        Stephen King

Publisher:                    Pocket Books

Publish date:               November 1, 1999

ISBN-10:                      0671041789

ISBN-13:                      9780671041786

Pages:                          544 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Literature



This book, The Green Mile by Stephen King, surprised me. As a 9th grader who does not get around to pleasurable reading, I was completely astonished how engaging this book was. I have never read a book that grabbed my attention like this one has. The 1st thing that I noticed about the book was the author’s name, Stephen King, which I have seen all over TV adverts that are marketing a new T.V series or something. So I thought I would give this book a try. I am so glad that I did, Stephen King’s ability to put such feeling in a book is exceptional. The description is so precise. He easily paints every act that he describes in my head. You might be thinking that you probably won’t like it, because you are not a reader. Well I’m like that, someone who finds it nearly difficult to read a book that is unexciting. But, this book is totally worth all the long hours you put in. I was completely drawn to this book. It provided me with an entirely new look upon reading books, I have never actually wanted to go on reading like this before. I intensely urge people to pick up a copy of this book.

I loved the explanation used in every page. Stephen King can take such a slight detail and widen it into something much more. Beside the amazing sensation and portrayal, I loved the character John Coffey. He is a tall, broad African American who looks very enigmatic in the beginning of the book. However, I like to associate him to a rationalized, human form of God. He takes in all the bad of the world and only struggles to release good and amity. He must have looked quite daunting at first because he towers over the guards and is so thick. Though, John does not try to cause any trouble, he remains calm. John Coffey was a great role to why I love this book. Along with the characters, emotion, and portrayal; I liked the outlook that Stephen King used. The way that the book is written in one of the guard’s perspective is significant. If it was written in John’s viewpoint, then it wouldn’t give the book as much suspense. The guard’s perspective gave the ability to give a great explanation on what John looks like.

Overall, this book is worth the time that you put in to read it. You can take many values that the book touches upon. I highly recommend you to take the time to read this book and let your mind lose your way in the pure beauty of the book.

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