The Zahir Pdf A Novel of Obsession

The Zahir Pdf

The Zahir Pdf A Novel of Obsession

The Zahir Pdf A Novel of Obsession

About the Book:

The Zahir Book

Author:                        Paulo Coelho

Series:                           P.S.

Publisher:                    Harper Perennial; Reprint edition

Publish date:               July 3, 2006

ISBN-10:                      0060832819

ISBN-13:                      9780060832810

Pages:                          336 eBook pages can be different

Language:                   English

Genres:                        Novel


The Zahir. According to the book, the Zahir in Arabic means existing, visible, present, and incapable of being overlooked. It is something that takes hold of our thought, cognizance and ambiance and demands our full consideration. It is supposed that it leads to either Sanctity or insanity. In this book, the Zahir is a woman, an inkling of a woman, a desire. Our leading character sounds very conversant to our writer; in fact our protagonist is a renowned author now living in Paris, with his books being published in almost every semantic. Then one day his wife disappears. Over time she come to be his Zahir; he writes a book about love and for a while the Zahir fade away. Then he comes across the guy he believes she had left with and the Zahir returns. This is a brilliant tale about becoming, and recalling who you were destined to be, not who you turned into. This books leads you to follow a man who goes in search of an alienated wife, only to find himself. There are themes of love, fitting in, parting, angst, suffering, understanding, estrangement, necessity, want. Many backgrounds, in many places including Paris, Madrid, Kazakstan. The subjects are ones that engross all humanity whether we get them or not. I read this book at a hard time in my life, drawing it casually from my wife’s bookstand, and being drawn into the book as if it were in some way the right choice of all the books I could have read. It spoke to me profoundly of love and being thoughtful, in a way that I reflect many couples, who have adored or lost will promptly have sympathy for. Following the writer’s footsteps, we reach where he does, gain understanding as he does, and attain insight as he does. And with any luck, find and redeem true love that had been deserted, as he does. Coelho’s congenital semantic is not English, yet none of his text feels interpreted or artificial like comes about to several foreign writings when they appear in English. It is as if the writer has a unique talent of storytelling that exceeds individual languages, the huge number of states in which his books have been circulated seems to support that. Whether you are considering to be amused by a dynamic tale, or are pursuing consolation and understanding as I was, The Zahir will fill your appetite. If you are indigent of both then it befits you to read everything this brilliant storyteller has written.

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